Sunday, October 26, 2008

Scarlett's 2 month STATS!

Scarlett is getting so big and growing so fast. At her 2 month appointment, she was...

9 pounds- 17th percentile
22.5 inches- 33rd percentile

Here are some pictures I took the day of her appointment. She got one shot that day too. I was so nervous, but it wasn't half as bad as when they drew blood from her heel. She only cried for about 10 I was relieved.

4 Tag...

Here is the picture from my 4th file of pictures...the 4th picture. This is last year on Christmas Eve at my grandma's house. This is with my sweet nephew Ethan who I just love and adore! I love the holidays and am so excited for this holiday season!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Random Pictures

She is so funny! She gets her eyes so big sometimes, it is hilarious!

Here is little Brecke! She is so cute.
The two little girls having a nap over. Scarlett is peeking-she is a major cat napper. (They love their binkies!)

Arent the shoes the cutest? They are huge...but look so cute!
Out in the carseat...

She is so cute when she sleeps!
Here are just some random pictures from the last little while. I think this has been the funnest time of my life! I love to just snuggle her and lay in bed with her. I love to be with her all day and all night. I cannot believe how much she has changed our life. She has been growing so much-too much too fast. She has rolled over three times...two times front to back and tonight she rolled from her stomach to her back! My doctor said it was pretty early to roll so we are wondering if it was a fluke! :) Anyhow...the time is going by too fast!

Scarlett's Blessing

Scarlett with her cousin Taiya
Mike, Hayley, Beth, Brandon, Brooke, Me, Sharon and Nick
Seriously, is he the cutest thing ever?

This was the end of the day...I look sick and was exhausted!
With the best grandparents in the world...
Scarlett and her great grandma Gene

She looks like she is scared of the camera...but really she is probably just sick of it!

We decided to bless Scarlett up north so it would be closer for both of our families. We ended up blessing her in the ward I grew up in-my dad's ward. It was such an awesome experience and Scarlett did great through it! She wore the dress that Brooke (my sister) and I I thought it was extra sweet! Thanks so much to all of our friends and family who came and spent our special day with us! I haven't uploaded all of the pictures, but when I do I will post them. We didn't get too many good ones because of all the people over and the excitement...but enjoy!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

So YOU think YOU can DANCE?

So Amber called me up really late one night and asked me if I wanted tickets to the THINK YOU CAN DANCE tour. She really didn't ask, she just told me cause she knows I am a huge sucker for those kinds of things and would go with her for sure. (Yeah, I went to the Celine Dion concert ALL BY MYSELF in Vegas the last week of her show because no one else wanted to fork out the money and Mike said he would rather just go sit at a buffet all night-It was AMAZING by the way...I started crying on the first note she far the best show I have ever been to) Anyway...the tour was amazing! I just think of these kids that tried out...probably not really thinking they would make it and now they are these famous dancers...and can do anything they want with dancing-working with the best choreographers in the world. How lucky. Chelsea was by far my favorite...and of course "Bleeding Love"/the suitcase dance was my favorite dance. I don't know how to post the video...but here is the link to see the dance if you didn't see it

I cannot believe how many talented people there are in the world. I walked away depressed and wondering what line I got in heaven, because it sure wasn't the talent line. I think I may have been too busy talking and telling other people what line to get into. Dang.