Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rebelette Review

Me and my family...minus Mike...
Me and Natalie...I know...she dyed her hair dark! Now I'm the only blonde out of us girls!

So I know I am a horrible blogger...but it is hard to keep up on it when I don't have kids (so I'm not always taking pictures...but just wait till I have my little girl) and we live a very boring life. So I thought I'd do some back posting. Here are just a few pictures from the Rebelette Review. Okay, so not to brag or anything...but I think my dress is cute. I feel okay saying that because A. I didn't design it and mainly because B. It was only $26.00 yes, that is not a joke. $26.00 in the designer section of Dillards. I got it towards the end of January so it was an after Christmas/New Years sale. I couldn't believe the price myself! I don't think I have ever bought a nice dress that cheap, not to mention such a cute one! I love sales-I swear they make everything cuter!