Sunday, June 29, 2008

Therapy,Shrink,Counseling...Whatever You Want To Call It!

Looking at this picture, would you assume that anyone needed therapy? Let me describe each one of these girls by their picture...
Amber- Dreaming of why she left Las Vegas to become a school teacher where people think she
is the student (5th grade nonetheless)
Ang-The end of a week sitting through PT school at the U
Britt-Thinking of going back to work on Monday with all the shopping bags to unload before
Bam-Denying any real life personal issues-denying is the key word
Kristi- Knowing that is what her face is going to look like after Mike finds out about the weekend shopping
Britt-Thinking about actually putting Parker on a schedule and letting him sleep in his own bed-and what she felt like on the last day of school
Nancy- Thinking of going home to her sweet little girls and going back to the real world
One thing I have learned in life, especially in high school and college is there is no therapy like GIRLS therapy!!! Need a little therapy? Spend some time with your best friends! Tends to be a little more expensive upfront (if you go shopping that is) but is way more beneficial-and will save you throughout the year!

We had our girls trip in Park City this year. We ate out, shopped, layed out, talked and vegged! It was so much fun to be together. With the rush of today-kids, work, life... it gets a little hard to keep in touch with everyone-especially when some of us live far away. It is amazing that though some of us haven't seen each other in as much as a year, when we get together everything is the same and our friendships are just as close. It was a great weekend and I am already looking forward to next year's trip!

Wow, we're all smiling with no eyes closed! Bam is trying to lick Nancy's ear when she is least expecting it...
1. Bam still has dreams to become the next Catwoman
2. Amber is still trying to be a supermodel
3. Britt B is dreaming about shopping
4. Britt L is giving instructions like a nice school teacher-always with a smile
5. Nancy is listening like a nice school girl
6. Ang is wondering what the crap is going on
7. Parker is scared of Bam and Amber

Ooohhh so cute!
Nope, Amber still hasn't changed. Still hates pictures and likes to ruin it by emotionally abusing everyone in the picture taking process. Nope, Ang still hasn't changed. Trying to make lemonade out of lemons...(creepy!!!)
Once again, Amber still hasn't changed. Trying to lick the nearest person. I think she learned that from someone who likes to go "Skiing." My face literally hurts at this point from taking so many pictures.

Baby Shower...

Nancy, Alisha, Parker, Britt
Janae, Me, Bam, Amber
Heather, Joelle, Janae, Me- My Dixie Chicks!!!
Amber, Me, Britt, Ang
Britt, Parker, Amber, Me, Bam, Nancy, Ang, Britt (Doesn't Britt, Bam and Nancy look amazing for all having a baby in the last year? Dang, Girls!)

The second weekend in June, my wonderful high school friends had an incredible shower for me! Bam and Britt did an awesome job of planning it and went way out of their way! It was so much fun to see everyone and be able to get together. A few of my best Dixie friends came too, so I had the best of both worlds!!! I got some awesome gifts including a pack and play, bath tub, an amazing homemade quilt, monitor, clothes, bows (Mike is wondering how many bows I have to have...he apparently doesn't realize there are 365 days in a year!!!), bracelets and everything in between. It was so fun to be able to see everyone and spend some time together. Thank you so much girls for the wonderful shower. I loved everything!!!

Sorry for Slacking!!!

Okay, so I know I am a terrible blogger! I am sorry...we've been a little busy. We closed and moved into our new townhouse at the beginning of June-the same week Mike started training in SLC for Farm Bureau...had a brother leave on a mission...girls showers and other bear with me as I try to catch up...