Sunday, December 13, 2009

What a doll.

Scarlett is at such a fun age! She loves life and is the happiest girl! She is sassy and sweet and just fun. Some fun things about Scarlett-
*She LOVES her sleep. Most of the time she sleeps 12-13 hours a night.
*She only has four teeth. Two on bottom and two FANGS on top. Yes, FANGS. She is a vampire. (more picts to come)
*She is the pickiest eater...but wants a bite of everything we eat. She begs by saying "bite,bite"
*She loves to read. She brings me a book and says "boook boook" about every hour.
*She loves her binky and blanky at night.
*She loves to play with her friends.
*She has to pick out her own shoes and always picks her squeaky shoes.
*She looks just like my baby pictures.
*She LOVES to dance and play with pom-poms. Every time the music goes on during Rebelettes, she stands up and dances. When it stops, she sits down and continues playing. It makes practice quite hilarious!
*She is starting to talk a ton! Her favorite word is "Dweet" for treat. She will try to repeat everything you say.
*She "wallops" her daddy when he kisses her and she doesn't want him to. (Walloping is a wack across the face...I'm not going to lie, it is HILARIOUS! She does it like on cue!)
*She loves purses...getting into them and carrying them around.
*She loves to be part of the party!
*She loves to sing and lead music.

Loves Mommy's purse! Lucky girl has Mike's long, skinny legs!
She just loves helping!
Loves cooking with Mommy!
Has to feed herself...
Loves to get in things...
Had a fit when she got the stroller cause she couldn't get in...but she found a way...

For the love of cuteness!!!