Thursday, May 27, 2010

For You Far Away!

Here are some picts from the last little while for my friends and fam that don't get to see Scarlett. As we all know, I am a horrible blogger. But just thought I'd post these for Bam and Miranda and everyone else in la la land! Scarlett is sooo naughty and in the worst stage with pictures-she REFUSES to look at the camera. No, really. REFUSES. DEFIANTLY. She will look in ANY direction but the direction of the camera. It drives me NUTS. But, what can ya do? Here is my princess. We took her to Disneyland, Sea World and the San Diego Zoo. It was so much fun and she loved it. We went to Cali to watch my little brother GRADUATE from MARINES boot camp! We are sooooo proud of him and it was so special to watch his amazing graduation.
The few. The proud. The MARINES. :)
Scarlett loved the princesses but wouldn't let me leave her side! :) She especially loves Ariel!
She loved Elmo and Zoe from far away, but wasn't too sure about them close up. And she was NOT going to smile!
Scarlett, Me, Nick, Lando, Nat, Suzie (my dad's fiance), my dad
Bug's life. Too bad she wouldn't keep on the 3-D glasses for the show.
Once again, she loved the princesses as long as I was standing right by her. I love the way she is looking at them in all the pictures! :)
She LOVES the healthy smoothies we make.
This is Scarlett and the AMAZING food processor she won us.

Scarlett at Newport Beach.
She loves to put money in her piggy bank.

Funny pict.