Friday, October 30, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

Scarlett's One Year Picts!

A little behind...but SOOOOO worth the wait! Here are Scarlett's one year pictures! I wanted a classy style that would be easy to go with any house style...and I couldn't have imagined better pictures! I am in LOVE with all of them and don't even know where to start in picking them out for my house! Here are a few of my favorites! My disk had 146 pictures on it! aaahhh!!! Skye Johansen took them and did a tremendous job! A co-worker's wife made the cake and it turned out just darling!

This is a classic Scarlett look!

I think this is my favorite. I just love her smile and how happy she is.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

One Year and Counting...

Where it all began...Not going to lie...I was TERRIFIED at that point. No really. TERRIFIED.
The love of my life...
Okay, the TWO loves of my life!
Simply Precious.
Love the hair!
A five month difference...
Blessing Dress. 3 months old.
Four months old.
5 months old...
Six months old and first visit to Hawaii. (First of many hopefully :))
Seven months.
Eight months.
Nine months. First visit to Paris. Most likely last. LOL.
So happy. Nine and a half months.
Ten months. Like mommy like daughter. Already sucking in. Already crazy hair.

Eleven months.
Twelve months.
My one year old. Can she be any cuter? What can I say? We love this girl.