Friday, August 14, 2009


Scarlett turned one on Wednesday August 12th. I seriously can't believe my baby is one!!! I am so sad at how fast time goes by. One year old is so momentuous. I can't believe it was one year ago that I was in the hospital having her. She is the joy of mine and Mike's life. We love her like nothing else.

Fun things about Scarlett-

-She loves to "walk" on her knees

-She is walking

-She loves to put my purse strap on her shoulder and try to haul it around

-She loves baby dolls

-She is so sweet and so mild mannered

-She know milk, please, more, kiss, thank you, etc... in sign language
-Scarlett loves to give "loves"

-She LOVES food!

-Scarlett loves to make messes

-She has 2 bottom teeth that are barely sticking out
-She loves her tongue

-She is 18lbs and 29.5 inches

Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm not even kidding you!

OOOHHHHH Yeah!!!! Yep...I met Kyle Korver. Scarlett met him too! We were at Huntington Beach for Rebelette Camp and just shopping around in the little boardwalk shops and in walked KYLE KORVER! I almost died! I was really star struck! I was shaking so bad I couldn't take the picture! This is how it went down...Kyle walked in. I immediately knew it was him, but I didn't know know. So I started following him around the little shop. We made eye contact about 5 times and he was pry thinking I was a little creepy following him around. I asked my friend to ask for a picture, but she wouldn't (even after I offered her $10.00). So finally, I said, "Kyle" and looked away (just in case it wasn't him) well sure enough, it was him and he said "yeah?" I then said, "I knew it was you Kyle Korver!" I was so excited! I then told him that I was from Utah and Kathleen (my friend) piped in and told him that we are huge Jazz fans. He smiled and asked us what we were doing in Huntington. Yep, I even had convo with him! I then asked him for a picture and he was as kind as ever and said yes. Kori and I then took a picture with him and I asked him if he would take one with Scarlett! He said yes and even kindly waited while I put her bow back in her hair! :) Well, I was shaking so bad that I couldn't get my camera to work and so I told him, "I am so sorry, I'm really star struck!" He just laughed and squatted their patiently! It was funny because all of the workers in the store were asking who he was. I guess if you're not from Utah or Milwaukee you wouldn't really know. But he was kind and gracious and I MET KYLE KORVER!:) Don't worry...the first person I called to tell was Mike!

Look at how cute! He's just looking at her so sweetly!
Scarlett did not care what was going on!
And yes...he is even MORE beautiful in person than on television! What I like about him is that he is so nice and does a lot of charity work and is suppose to be just a good all around kid. I love it when they're grounded and not arrogant guys like Terrell Owens. We need more role models like this for little kids!

Fun Times...

The cutest cousins ever! Ethan, Taiya and Scarlett...
Have I ever mentioned that Scarlett LOVES to make messes?

Mikey won the gold metal at the Utah Summer Games...Scarlett liked watching him play...

Scarlett and Brecke...the binky babies!

My FAVORITE kids in the whole world!