Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Day in the Life of THE OFFICE.

I LOVE The Office. I really think it is the funniest show ever! The only bad thing about it is that it is on the same time as Grey's, and I love Grey's a little more so I just buy all the seasons of The Office. I mean, seriously, who cannot LOVE Dwight? I think I love The Office because its like my office! No joke. We have some real guidos here.
Kinda Fun. This is what we do all day at work. No, just kidding. Just most of the day. Love working. Here is our IM coversation. Can you tell I'm bored right now? The pathetic thing is I have a million things to do....What have ya? The bottom part is the best if you just want to skip down to when Tiff falls asleep...

Tiffany Boyer: Why hello Kristi shaw I'm so glad your online now
Kristi Shaw: I love our online conversations.
Tiffany Boyer: i know me too it's so fun
Tiffany Boyer: I hate that everyone in the office knows when were online and when were not
Kristi Shaw: Thats why you just leave yourself online all the time. They never really know...
Tiffany Boyer: ya thats what I do
Kristi Shaw: I mean, it's not like we have office phones to page each other. Budget Cuts.
Kristi Shaw: We aren't worth $10 to them.
Tiffany Boyer: I mean it;s not like if I'm being attacked from the back door that I'm going to be able to hurry and get online and type HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kristi Shaw: Sorry about your bad luck. I hope I'm not in your office when you are getting shot.
Kristi Shaw: But I will sue the state for you, don't worry.
Tiffany Boyer: Thats what I like to here, you always have my back when it comes to sueing this stupid state job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tiffany Boyer: I just fell asleep on my desk
Kristi Shaw: I've been looking at blogs since I've been here.
Kristi Shaw: lol
Kristi Shaw: no really. I have.
Tiffany Boyer: love it
Tiffany Boyer: I"ve been sleeping
Kristi Shaw: even better. I'm laughing again.
Tiffany Boyer: i think I have a mark on my head
Kristi Shaw: stop making me laugh out loud
Tiffany Boyer: my door was opening to and my mouth fell open
Kristi Shaw: sick.
Kristi Shaw: stop
Tiffany Boyer: i know thats what woke me up
Kristi Shaw: stop!!!!!! My stomach hurts.
Tiffany Boyer: lol
Tiffany Boyer: i'm to tired to laugh right now
Tiffany Boyer: laugh*
Tiffany Boyer: my eyes are still adjusting
Kristi Shaw: I'm laughing cause I'm delirious.
Tiffany Boyer: ya thats for sure
Kristi Shaw: Come over here.
Tiffany Boyer: k
Kristi Shaw: I have a CFTM in 18 min
Tiffany Boyer: on the phone hold on

No, Really!

Aren't those eyes just MESMERISING?????

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I can't believe that my baby is already 5 months old! These past five months have been the best months ever! She is getting so big! She scoots everywhere now, it is so funny because she is soooo small! On Monday she got on her knees, and on Tuesday she started to rock back and forth on her knees so I think she will be crawling soon. She is close to sitting up as well. Like I said, I can't believe it has already been five months. The time goes by way too fast. Here are her five month pictures that the talented Serena Martineau ( took! Don't worry...Scarlett still won't smile for the camera.
I am still the worst blogger, but going back to work full time, housework and being a mom has definitely thrown me for a loop! I'm trying to keep up on it all, but blogging isn't a priority...but I'll try to be better. I'll hopefully get Christmas posted soon. I was just so excited about these darling pictures!!!