Sunday, December 13, 2009

What a doll.

Scarlett is at such a fun age! She loves life and is the happiest girl! She is sassy and sweet and just fun. Some fun things about Scarlett-
*She LOVES her sleep. Most of the time she sleeps 12-13 hours a night.
*She only has four teeth. Two on bottom and two FANGS on top. Yes, FANGS. She is a vampire. (more picts to come)
*She is the pickiest eater...but wants a bite of everything we eat. She begs by saying "bite,bite"
*She loves to read. She brings me a book and says "boook boook" about every hour.
*She loves her binky and blanky at night.
*She loves to play with her friends.
*She has to pick out her own shoes and always picks her squeaky shoes.
*She looks just like my baby pictures.
*She LOVES to dance and play with pom-poms. Every time the music goes on during Rebelettes, she stands up and dances. When it stops, she sits down and continues playing. It makes practice quite hilarious!
*She is starting to talk a ton! Her favorite word is "Dweet" for treat. She will try to repeat everything you say.
*She "wallops" her daddy when he kisses her and she doesn't want him to. (Walloping is a wack across the face...I'm not going to lie, it is HILARIOUS! She does it like on cue!)
*She loves purses...getting into them and carrying them around.
*She loves to be part of the party!
*She loves to sing and lead music.

Loves Mommy's purse! Lucky girl has Mike's long, skinny legs!
She just loves helping!
Loves cooking with Mommy!
Has to feed herself...
Loves to get in things...
Had a fit when she got the stroller cause she couldn't get in...but she found a way...

For the love of cuteness!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Monkey See...Monkey Do...

Okay for Halloween Bunco, we were suppose to dress up. As usual, I had nothing to wear. So Whit and I decided we would be cheerleaders and I would just get old uniforms from the cheer uniform closet. I was trying them on and I looked over and Scarlett had one on. Funny girl.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

RETIREMENT! this is really old...but I finally made the jump and RETIRED!!! I worked at Division of Child and Family Services for three years as a Foster Care Caseworker. I was Lead Worker and loved my job...but I was burnt out and more importantly, was ready to be home with my baby.

Working for DCFS, I helped parents get their children back. Most of our clients got their children taken away from abusing drugs, abusing their children, and a lot of other reasons. I saw things that I never thought could happen, I experienced some of the most life changing events of people's lives. I watched parents relinquish their parental rights, I watched children go back home to their parents, I fought to terminate parental rights, I watched families adopt sweet children, I was there when the children said goodbye to their parents for the last time, I testified for hours in trials, I reported to the Judge, I held children as they cried, I cried, I watched parents come off drugs and some stay on drugs. I was threatened, lied to, and yelled at on a daily basis. I think a DCFS worker is THE hardest job there is. It is a thankless job and it is a hard job. But I am so thankful I had the opportunity to work there for the last three years. My eyes were opened to the real world, to the drug world.

Somehow, the children made it all worth it. They needed a voice, and I was able to be their voice for three years. But 40 hours a week was just too much. The State doesn't have any part time positions so Mike and I decided it was the right time for me to retire. So I made the jump and haven't looked back! I absolutely LOVE being home with Scarlett and I love doing the things I wasn't able to do in the past year. We love our days which include play dates and lunches. I have become a professional luncher. I go to lunch about three times a week with friends and I love it! :) We go to the park, stay in our pajamas, swim at our pool, play with friends, read books and watch Ellen. Life is GREAT.

The best part about it is I still have an out...I still help with the Dixie State College Dance Team and I am the head coach for the Dixie State College Cheerleaders. So I am still busy...but not as busy as I was. I cut out 40 hours of work a week! I have so much respect for working moms, because it is not an easy task! When working, my days were detailed to the minute. I was exhausted and I was not able to give 100% to everything.

I was scared, but as I drove away on my last day from DCFS, I KNEW it was the right decision. I KNEW that it was time for me to be home. My goodbyes were sad, especially saying goodbye to my foster children. I love every single one of them and they have all left footprints on my heart.

Here are the pictures from my retirement party. One of my supervisors, Tom Kelly had a plaque made for me and wrote the funniest poem for me. He is one of the BEST supervisors I have ever worked for. I will definitely miss my office friends.

Brook, Martha, Tara, Colette, Me, Kathi
Aubree, Lisa, Brian, Me, Amy
Nicki, Me, Kristi P, Amy
Tom doing reading his poem.
My plaque and retirement watch...
Me and Julie laughing at Tom's poem..
Scarlett, Michelle and Nickie

Friday, October 30, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

Scarlett's One Year Picts!

A little behind...but SOOOOO worth the wait! Here are Scarlett's one year pictures! I wanted a classy style that would be easy to go with any house style...and I couldn't have imagined better pictures! I am in LOVE with all of them and don't even know where to start in picking them out for my house! Here are a few of my favorites! My disk had 146 pictures on it! aaahhh!!! Skye Johansen took them and did a tremendous job! A co-worker's wife made the cake and it turned out just darling!

This is a classic Scarlett look!

I think this is my favorite. I just love her smile and how happy she is.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

One Year and Counting...

Where it all began...Not going to lie...I was TERRIFIED at that point. No really. TERRIFIED.
The love of my life...
Okay, the TWO loves of my life!
Simply Precious.
Love the hair!
A five month difference...
Blessing Dress. 3 months old.
Four months old.
5 months old...
Six months old and first visit to Hawaii. (First of many hopefully :))
Seven months.
Eight months.
Nine months. First visit to Paris. Most likely last. LOL.
So happy. Nine and a half months.
Ten months. Like mommy like daughter. Already sucking in. Already crazy hair.

Eleven months.
Twelve months.
My one year old. Can she be any cuter? What can I say? We love this girl.