Monday, September 13, 2010

Oh how we LOVE her!

Here are a few picts. Enjoy!

Scarlett loved feeding the ducks with her little bud Parker.

Bam and the fam came into town for a little vacation and to bless Bailey. Scarlett had so much fun playing with Evy at the park. And it was much needed therapy for me to play with Bam. I seriously have the BEST friends in the entire world. Really though, I am so lucky. Dang, why can't you live closer?
Uh, really Mom?
Yep, I already love the computer.

So sweet.
Scarlett and her partner in crime.
Scarlett and Dylan
Happy 4th of July!
Yep...I'm a cheeser with a cupcake face!!!
Just trying to be like my mommy and putting some mascara on...
We went to the Stadium of Fire with Carrie Underwood as the entertainment. It was PHENOMENAL. Can I please have her legs???
This child could seriously be an ad for Yoplait. She LOVES yogurt. She drinks it straight out of the container.
Skunky and Pay Pay. I was so thankful and happy that one of my bestest friends-Heather and her two darling kids could come stay with us for a few days. We had a blast and Scarlett and Payton played so well together. I sure do wish they lived closer.
I came downstairs one morning after showering to find Scarlett sitting on the couch just going to town on the oatmeal cookies I made.
Scarlett loves corn and will do anything to get it! :)
This girl LOVES swimming. She just puts these floaties on and she goes everywhere in the pool. We are so thankful we have a pool...I can't wait to put her in swimming lessons.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

For You Far Away!

Here are some picts from the last little while for my friends and fam that don't get to see Scarlett. As we all know, I am a horrible blogger. But just thought I'd post these for Bam and Miranda and everyone else in la la land! Scarlett is sooo naughty and in the worst stage with pictures-she REFUSES to look at the camera. No, really. REFUSES. DEFIANTLY. She will look in ANY direction but the direction of the camera. It drives me NUTS. But, what can ya do? Here is my princess. We took her to Disneyland, Sea World and the San Diego Zoo. It was so much fun and she loved it. We went to Cali to watch my little brother GRADUATE from MARINES boot camp! We are sooooo proud of him and it was so special to watch his amazing graduation.
The few. The proud. The MARINES. :)
Scarlett loved the princesses but wouldn't let me leave her side! :) She especially loves Ariel!
She loved Elmo and Zoe from far away, but wasn't too sure about them close up. And she was NOT going to smile!
Scarlett, Me, Nick, Lando, Nat, Suzie (my dad's fiance), my dad
Bug's life. Too bad she wouldn't keep on the 3-D glasses for the show.
Once again, she loved the princesses as long as I was standing right by her. I love the way she is looking at them in all the pictures! :)
She LOVES the healthy smoothies we make.
This is Scarlett and the AMAZING food processor she won us.

Scarlett at Newport Beach.
She loves to put money in her piggy bank.

Funny pict.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thank Goodness for Friends.

Scarlett and Ellie
Me, Nancy, Crystal, Alisha

Dylan :), Lou, Whit, Me, Amber, Kalli
Scarlett, Maycee
Brecke and Scarlett
Me and Miranda
Scarlett and Dylan
My WONDERFUL bunco group. Kalli and Lacey definitely won the coolest ugliest sweater.
Britt and Me
Me and Shannon
Olivia, Brecke and Scarlett
Scarlett and Emilee. They LOVE the pom poms!

Amber, Lou and I don't know who the third person is!!!!
Scarlett and Eli
Drake and Scarlett

I LOVE friends! They are the BEST. I feel so blessed to have all the wonderful friends that I have. When people talk about how they hated high school, it makes me sad because I had the BEST friends in high school-both guy friends and girlfriends. My friends made my high school everything. I really think we had the BEST class. Go LHS 2001. Then that carried onto college. I made the BEST friends in college and I am lucky enough to still be in contact with all of them today. I also made some wonderful friends while I was a nanny back east and at my jobs at DSC and DCFS. And thanks to the married-student ward and our bunco group...I have some of the best friends now. Living away from family makes your friends family. Scarlett is also lucky to have some of the cutest friends. I love to watch her play and interact with her friends and she LOVES to play with other children. So this is dedicated to all of my AMAZING wonderful friends-near or far. Seriously, what would life be without friends? Thanks for all the good times and being there for me during the bad times. Thanks for being my FRIEND! I LOVE you all.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

What a doll.

Scarlett is at such a fun age! She loves life and is the happiest girl! She is sassy and sweet and just fun. Some fun things about Scarlett-
*She LOVES her sleep. Most of the time she sleeps 12-13 hours a night.
*She only has four teeth. Two on bottom and two FANGS on top. Yes, FANGS. She is a vampire. (more picts to come)
*She is the pickiest eater...but wants a bite of everything we eat. She begs by saying "bite,bite"
*She loves to read. She brings me a book and says "boook boook" about every hour.
*She loves her binky and blanky at night.
*She loves to play with her friends.
*She has to pick out her own shoes and always picks her squeaky shoes.
*She looks just like my baby pictures.
*She LOVES to dance and play with pom-poms. Every time the music goes on during Rebelettes, she stands up and dances. When it stops, she sits down and continues playing. It makes practice quite hilarious!
*She is starting to talk a ton! Her favorite word is "Dweet" for treat. She will try to repeat everything you say.
*She "wallops" her daddy when he kisses her and she doesn't want him to. (Walloping is a wack across the face...I'm not going to lie, it is HILARIOUS! She does it like on cue!)
*She loves purses...getting into them and carrying them around.
*She loves to be part of the party!
*She loves to sing and lead music.

Loves Mommy's purse! Lucky girl has Mike's long, skinny legs!
She just loves helping!
Loves cooking with Mommy!
Has to feed herself...
Loves to get in things...
Had a fit when she got the stroller cause she couldn't get in...but she found a way...

For the love of cuteness!!!