Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thank Goodness for Friends.

Scarlett and Ellie
Me, Nancy, Crystal, Alisha

Dylan :), Lou, Whit, Me, Amber, Kalli
Scarlett, Maycee
Brecke and Scarlett
Me and Miranda
Scarlett and Dylan
My WONDERFUL bunco group. Kalli and Lacey definitely won the coolest ugliest sweater.
Britt and Me
Me and Shannon
Olivia, Brecke and Scarlett
Scarlett and Emilee. They LOVE the pom poms!

Amber, Lou and I don't know who the third person is!!!!
Scarlett and Eli
Drake and Scarlett

I LOVE friends! They are the BEST. I feel so blessed to have all the wonderful friends that I have. When people talk about how they hated high school, it makes me sad because I had the BEST friends in high school-both guy friends and girlfriends. My friends made my high school everything. I really think we had the BEST class. Go LHS 2001. Then that carried onto college. I made the BEST friends in college and I am lucky enough to still be in contact with all of them today. I also made some wonderful friends while I was a nanny back east and at my jobs at DSC and DCFS. And thanks to the married-student ward and our bunco group...I have some of the best friends now. Living away from family makes your friends family. Scarlett is also lucky to have some of the cutest friends. I love to watch her play and interact with her friends and she LOVES to play with other children. So this is dedicated to all of my AMAZING wonderful friends-near or far. Seriously, what would life be without friends? Thanks for all the good times and being there for me during the bad times. Thanks for being my FRIEND! I LOVE you all.


Boyer family said...

So sweet I love you too....that is if you were including me in your circle of friends!!!! I'll be sure to send you a good picture of me and you since there wasn't one!!! hahaha jk, there really couldn't be a cutter picture then that one of Scarlett and Brecke, my fav. Love ya girl I shall love you until we meet again.

Braden and Janae said...

i haven't seen shannon forever! tell her hi for me! it was so good to see you when you came up.

Amber said...

Love you girl. Did you have to post those nasty pics? Its cool I have some real good ones of you im sure! We love you guys.
-A, D and Monie.

Britt, Ben and Mack said...

It is very true friends are the best! I love the picture of us and I miss our girls trip!

Larsen Family said...

So funny to see my cousing in your photos. Such a small world. We so need to get together.

Caroline said...

The photo of Scarlett and Ellie is ridiculously cute. So sweet! = )

Friends are fabulous.